What to do with Locidesktop?

So what to do with locidesktop.com? It’s a desktop-like website bookmarking tool – if you haven’t seen it, take a quick look at this example desktop.

I built Loci Desktop a few months ago and promoted it on a few geek sites. It’s been running ever since, with no maintenance from myself, happily serving up start pages to a small number of regular users. There was a buzz when I promoted it, people were largely impressed, some were indifferent, but few ended up using it regularly. So now I’m left with a quandary.

I could try and promote it. But to what end? It’s not like I need a certain number of visitors to cover the hosting. I’m using the same VPS as I am for my blog, and I designed Locidesktop to be ultra-low bandwidth anyway – so it effectively costs me nothing to run.

One option would be to sell the entire site outright, as the domain and technology rights. But there is currently no way of monetizing it and I doubt anyone would be interested as a commercial venture.

I could try and license it as a b2b service. A few people have commented that it would be a useful intranet service. I’m not sure about this, but it sounds plausible.

Alternatively, I could give back to the Django community and release it as open source, which I imagine would be the popular thing to do. Money isn’t my primary motivator (a close second perhaps), so I wouldn’t be averse to doing this. Thing is though, it would require work on my part to document it and maintain it, and I have other open source projects I would prefer to concentrate on. But I can’t deny that it would be cool to see Locidesktop sites popping up over the interwebs.

Finally, I could just leave it as is. I’m pleased with how it turned out, and I have a few loyal users. Maybe I should just be satisfied.

Any options I haven’t considered? Leave a comment…

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