Django 1.2 E-Commerce

Once again I received a review-copy of a book from Packt, for which I’m again really grateful 🙂 This time it was Django 1.2 E-Commerce by Jesse Legg.

The book tries to introduce you in a tutorial style to how to write a simple e-commerce store using Django core components and some selected 3rd-party reusable apps.
The author divided that into 10 chapters:
A basic introduction into what Django is and why you might want to use it for an online store How to construct an extremely simple shop in a couple of minutes User accounts and carts and the comment framework Payment processors using class based views for Google Checkout and Amazon Order status combined with shipment information via Google Checkout Search integration Reporting via ReportLab, feeds and Salesforce Enhancing the UX with some AJAX Selling of digital goods using post- and pre-payment as well as subscription-style payment Deployment and stuff The authors does a decent job at mentioning most of the technologies that are relevant for building a webshop with Django if you don’t want to use something like Satchmo or LFS.

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