Suggesting tags with django-taggit and jQuery UI

Source article: Suggesting tags with django-taggit and jQuery UI One of the problems mentioned by a couple people when I asked for suggestions on improving was the proliferation of tags. This is a well-known problem on sites that allow users to enter their own tags, where misspellings are frequent and its sometimes unclear whether […]


Source article: EuroPython This last week I’ve been attending EuroPython over here in Firenze (or as we Americans know it, Florence), Italy. It’s been a pretty amazing time, visiting the beautiful city, putting faces to names, and seeing some great presentations. More importantly, and the main reason for my trip, was the two talks that […]

Django Facebook 2.0 – Integrating Facebook

Source article: Django Facebook 2.0 – Integrating Facebook It’s been a year since Facebook changed the web with the open graph API and their like button. Unfortunately Facebook didn’t have much developer love for the python/django platform. Django Facebook aims to make it easy to build facebook apps and integrate facebook with your website. Key […]

DjangoCon Europe 2011: Day 2

Note: Sorry for the long delay in DjangoCon Europe 2011 posts, but now I’ve finally found some time again to put my notes and impressions to posts 🙂
After some cocktails, more burgers and even more beer and far less sleep, the second day had as much variety to offer as the first one with talks about Celery, multilingual content, fighting the n+1-query-beast and much more.