Sticking With Standards

Source article: Sticking With Standards More and more I’m seeing the “requirements.txt pattern” come up. This generally refers to projects (but not just), and seems to have started around the same time as Heroku adopting Python. I feel like this is something that matters in the Python world, and because I have an opinion on […]

Micawber, a python library for extracting rich content from URLs


OEmbed is a simple, open API standard for embedding rich content and retrieving content metadata. The way OEmbed works is actually kind of ingenious, because the only things a consumer of the API needs to know are the location of the OEmbed endpoint, and the URL to the piece of content they want to embed.

Using Arrays as Materialized Paths in Postgres

Source article: Using Arrays as Materialized Paths in Postgres Something we’ve been casually working on at Disqus for quite some time is an improved pagination method for threaded comments. This is obviously pretty important to us, it drives the very foundation of our product. It also happens to be an area that’s somewhat challenging, and […]