Moving On

For the last three years I’ve been at Disqus helping to scale the infrastructure, as well as the engineering team. During
that time I’ve had the opportunity to work on some amazing things, with some amazing people.

Disqus is one of the largest
platforms on the web, and that has never been more exciting than it is today. It hasn’t been all heads-down product
development though, as I’ve been able to spend time on some really cool (open source!) tools.

It’s been exciting see Disqus grow from a traditional group of startup hackers into a company that’s on the cusp of
doing something so much bigger.

A New Challenge

While I love the engineering challenges at Disqus, I’ve decided that it was time to try something new. With that said,
this Friday will be my last day at Disqus.

I’ll be joining a fledgling company called tenXer, which aims to solve a problem that is
near and dear to me. We’re trying to improve the way people work by using measurable metrics. Data has never been as
accessible as it is today, and we want to take that data and empower the individual to be more successful.

Measuring Success

The goal is lofty, but the gist of it is that we take a ton of inputs like commit data, code reviews, or even closing
tickets. With all of that data, we try to connect the dots and form a reasonable conclusion on how you work, and ideally
suggest to you ways you can more efficient, and more importantly more successful.

There’s some interesting ideas floating around with it, but the possibilities are endless. Imagine if you could
track things like commits, and combine that with less obvious data like how you perform after taking a short vacation. How
about the never ending debate of how many days a week, or hours a day you should work. We want to take what people have done
by hand for decades and bring an modern solution to it.

Engineering Focus

We’re going to be focusing on measuring engineering components first. It’s important to us as we’re engineers as well, and
it’s something that will really let us dogfood the system.

If you’ve got an interest in this kind of thing, I’d love to hear your thoughts. We all have very strong opinions (usually
differing) about what are good and bad metrics, and it’s really interesting to hear other’s take on these things.

p.s. I’ll be on at PyCon in Santa Clara, as well as PyCon Russia (in two weeks), let’s grab a drink 🙂

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