I’m excited to say that today is my first day at Dropbox!

I realized last month that was I getting burnt out with the startup
culture, and decided I needed to make a change.

The change was either
going to be doing Sentry full-time, or to
join a larger company where I could focus on the bigger picture.

After I talked to a couple guys at Dropbox I quickly realized there was
a really good spot for me over there. I’ll be working on a team that focuses
on everything I care about: testing and productivity. It’s a new team at
Dropbox, but the goal is an obvious one: help developers spend less time
doing reptitive work.

As you’ve likely seen from talking to me or listening to my presentations,
this is something I deeply care about, and I’m excited to be able to spend
my time improving the working life of myself and others in the field.

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