Sphinx Live Preview

Sphinx Live Preview

For a long time,
there has been a live preview site for reStructuredText: http://rst.ninjs.org/.
It is really fantastic for learning the language.
The immediate feedback is really valuable in helping you expirment and see how things work.

I think that this tool would be great for people to have with Sphinx [http://sphinx-doc.org/] as well.
I know a lot of people use Sphinx,
and then end up on that page,
and random things don’t work because they are extensions to reStructuredText.
So, I went ahead and forked the app to support Sphinx.

I present: http://livesphinx.herokuapp.com/.

It is still very much a work in progress.
The output should be themed nicely,
and support syntax highlighting.
If you have any feedback or requests,
please tweet [http://twitter.com/ericholscher] or email me.

This project was done as part of my ongoing work to improve documentation.
If you think this work is important,
you should support me on Gittip [http://www.gittip.com/ericholscher].

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