YPKnox.com: Knoxville's newest Django site

The launch of the redesigned and retooled Young Professionals of Knoxville Web site brings yet another Django site online for the city of the Sunsphere.

It also marks my third Django project — the others being this site and Knox’d — since I began learning the vaunted Python framework nearly two years ago.

What I learned

Building the new YPK Web site was a challenge in several ways. Here are some specific problems I encountered:

  • How to filter out expired events in specific views, but make the permalinks available for bookmarks and search engines.
  • How to only show “live” press releases, as opposed to press releases being edited.
  • How to pass in more objects into generic views.
  • How to improve the site performance by writing more efficient database queries and text-to-HTML rendering.

The solutions for these problems were documented in a previous blog entry titled “‘Practical’ tips for working with Django.”

Also, I must again credit James Bennett for publishing his wonderful book Practical Django Projects without which I would probably still be hunting down information (or bugging the developers at work).

Site features

The new YPK Web site isn’t that extraordinary. But it does feature some useful ways of delivering information. Here are the various features available:

I also added special consideration for search engine optimization such as optional meta keywords and descriptions for press releases, events, locations and categories. This, in addition to Django’s clean URLs and infinitely flexible templates, so make YPK content very findable.

So if you’re a young professional living and working in Knoxville, please visit the site to see what this fantastic group has to offer.

And if you have any questions about how this Django site came together, please post a comment or contact me directly.

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