The Class Based "View"

Source article: The Class Based "View" People often find working with class based views hard, but they are simple… Once you spend time figuring them out. In this video start with the base of building blocks and work your way through completly understanding the base View of (generic) class based views.Watch Now… Read full article […]

Celery in Production

Source article: Celery in Production (Thanks to Mark Lavin for significant contributions to this post.) In a previous post, we introduced using Celery to schedule tasks. In this post, we address things you might need to consider when planning how to deploy Celery in production. At Caktus, we’ve made use of Celery in a number […]

Announcing BarCamp Django in San Francisco

Source article: Announcing BarCamp Django in San Francisco BarCamp Django is an affordable multi-day, overnight event taking place in San Francisco, scheduled for October 4th and 5th. Djangonauts will gather for 30 straight hours of talks, tutorials and breakout sessions. If you want to learn or have something you want to share with the rest […]