Django 2.1 beta 1 released

Django 2.1 beta 1 is now available. It represents the second stage in the 2.1 release cycle and is an opportunity for you to try out the changes coming in Django 2.1.

Django 2.1 has a smorgasbord of new features which you can read about in
the in-development 2.1 release notes.

Only bugs in new features and regressions from earlier versions of Django will be
fixed between now and 2.1 final (also, translations will be updated following the
“string freeze” when the release candidate is issued). The current
release schedule
calls for a release candidate in a month from now with the
final release to follow about two weeks after that around August 1. Early and often
testing from the community will help minimize the number of bugs in the release.
Updates on the release schedule schedule are available on the django-developers mailing list.

As with all beta and beta packages, this is not for production use. But
if you’d like to take some of the new features for a spin, or to help find and
fix bugs (which should be reported to the issue tracker), you can grab a
copy of the beta package from our downloads page or on PyPI.

The PGP key ID used for this release is Tim Graham: 1E8ABDC773EDE252.

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