Writing Advice?

Source article: Writing Advice? The story starts out unusually. One of my friends is trying to write a very important letter to a family member. He doesn’t know how to write it. He has the outline, but is very worried about the implied psychological impact. They worry about the reader thinking too much; “was he […]

Cool site: archive.org

Source article: Cool site: archive.org The Internet Archive is one of the neatest sites on the internet. I like them for a variety of reasons. First and foremost is the live music archive, they currently have 44,134 live concerts posted on their website. Completely free to download/stream til your hearts content. Most of the bands […]


Source article: Goal I hope to write atleast one post a day, saying what I learned from that day. Mostly like a journal, and not super interesting to most people. I feel like this will help me improve my writing and give me content to write about. (I hope my days aren’t so boring that […]

Network KVM

Source article: Network KVM This neat little program lets you use your network as a KVM. You set up a ‘server’ computer where you use the mouse and keyboard, and then ‘client’ computers on the right of left of your server, and when you go off the screen of the server, it automagically goes to […]


Source article: People It’s amazing the difference having one person in your life can make or break your entire existence. Usually this would apply to a significant other, but a best friend is just as valuable if not more. Went to JMU for less than 24 hours with a good friend from school; to meet […]


Source article: Music We had a little jam session at my house over the past weekend. My roomate Tessie recorded it and here is a link to the mp3: http://ericholscher.com/music/us.mp3 Hope you enjoy it, its lots of drums, a theramin, and a bass. Read full article at “Eric’s Thoughts”

Awesome Talk by Adrian Holovaty at Vancouver Python User Group

Source article: Awesome Talk by Adrian Holovaty at Vancouver Python User Group Adrian Holovaty gave a talk to the Vancouver Python User’s Group tonight. Really nice, funny presentation. His plane was late so while we waited for him we watched his talk at Snakes and Rubies. He showed us some of the new features coming […]

Adrian Holovaty Talk and Django Jam in Vancouver

Source article: Adrian Holovaty Talk and Django Jam in Vancouver This Sunday, the Vancouver/Zope User’s Group (maybe the Zope part should be removed? sorry guys) is having a “Django Jam”, a hands-on session where you can see how to create some simple applications or perhaps here some people talk about things they have developed in […]

Updating website

Source article: Updating website I’m starting to update my website, moving everything from .shtml over to cgi’s because it’s easier. Also building out my web-based lyrics script to include saying lyrics are bad or good. Also trying to figure out a good way to automatically get all of the lyrics from an artist whenever one […]


Source article: iPhone Apple just released the iPhone today. This looks like a paradigm shift in the world of mobile phones. It’s amazing how much a company can innovate when it doesn’t have it’s own silly motives to protect. Most other companies have ‘walled gardens’ or their own internet that they are trying to make […]

Vancouver Python User Group Talk on Python Web Frameworks (Django, Turbogears) – October 3, 2006

Source article: Vancouver Python User Group Talk on Python Web Frameworks (Django, Turbogears) – October 3, 2006 Vancouver’s Python and Zope User Group will be having a talk on Python web frameworks, ie. Django and Turbogears at their upcoming meeting on October 3rd. I’m looking forward to learning about web frameworks in general a bit […]